Frequently Asked Questions

A vasectomy is a simple and effective method for providing contraception. Generally, vasectomy leaves the patient unchanged except that the vas deferens – the tubes leading to the testes – are blocked. The testes still produce sperm, but the sperm die and are absorbed by the body. The level of testosterone remains the same and all male sexual characteristics remain the same. For most men, the ability to have an erection is unchanged.It is done an outpatient, in office, procedure performed by an experienced physician that is completed in approximately 20 minutes.

It is considered a non-reversible contraceptive technique and is 99+% effective. It is much safer and less expensive than tubal ligation for women. Newer techniques, such as the “no-scalpel” vasectomy, have decreased the incidence of local complications and have enhanced the popularity of vasectomy as a means of birth control. The benefits of NSV are:

• Less Discomfort
• Ten times fewer complications than conventional (scalpel) technique
• No sutures needed
• 40-50% quicker recovery than conventional vasectomy

A vasectomy is performed at our clinic. There is no hospital stay required. You will be in our clinic for about 1 hour. The No-Scalpel Vasectomy starts with a more effective technique to anesthetize the scrotum and vas. Two special instruments are used for this procedure without using a scalpel.It is an elegant technique for delivering the vas deferens through a tiny midline puncture hole, which is dilated, pushing the potential blood vessels and nerves aside instead of cutting across them. Once the vas is delivered, its ends are sealed in the usual fashion. The entry site usually contracts to approximately 2 to 3 mm in size at the end of the procedure. No sutures are necessary to close the entry site
We perform quite a few of our vasectomies on Thursday and Fridays. This allows guys to go home and use the weekend to recover. A great majority of men feel very little pain post-procedure, relax over the weekend and our back to their normal day to day activities within 48 to 72 hours.
Since you are not sterile after your vasectomy, temporary birth control is needed. At least 2 semen analyses are needed to confirm no moving sperm are present. A vasectomy procedure only blocks the vas deferens at the point where it was sealed. The vasectomy has no effect on sperm that are already beyond that point. Therefore, it is important to not have unprotected sexual intercourse until the absence of sperm from the ejaculate has been confirmed with two negative sperm checks, 4-6 weeks apart. Generally, the test is first performed after the patient has had 20 post vasectomy ejaculations and 12 weeks have passed. These tests are very important!

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