How is a Vasectomy Procedure Done?

So you have finally decided that you want a vasectomy. Maybe you have had kids and don’t want any more, or maybe you just have no interest in having children and want to cover your bases. Whatever your reason, a vasectomy is a safe and easy procedure which will allow you to continue with your […]

How Much Does a Vasectomy Cost?

Vasectomy Cost Consultation

Vasectomy is one of the most reliable methods of birth control. It is nearly 100% successful at preventing pregnancy, and far less expensive than female sterilization (tubal ligation). You might be considering a vasectomy because you do not want to have children, or you are done having them. Depending on how you intend to pay, […]

Does a Vasectomy Hurt?

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When the topic of vasectomy comes up, many men involuntarily wince in pain. However, is this the right reaction? Does a vasectomy hurt? And how long does it take to recover from a vasectomy? These are two very common questions that we receive here at AllCare Medical Centers when a patient inquires about getting a vasectomy. So, […]